Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ms. Hattie May Hallows


Hattie May Hallows is all decked out for the Halloween Ball. Hattie holds a candy corn in one hand and a little jack o lantern pail in the other. Rumor has it she and Count Thurston Trueblood are romantically linked and he is picking her up in his hearst at midnight. Hattie is considered a great beauty amongst the Halloween society. Personally I think she needs to trim the mole hair growing out of her chin. Hattie is attired in only the finest.Her hat is adorned with a hat band of german glass glitter. She has spider webs on the front and back of her cloak. There is a spider that dangles from the web on her back.

Hattie was constructed from papier Mache and paper clay. Her size is 8" tallny 4 1/2"across. She was then meticulously painted in Halloween colors of orange, black, yellow and vintage white. Several coats of acrylic varnish were applied for protection.  Thanks for looking. Penny
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Monday, July 19, 2010

Count Thurston Trueblood

May I present to you, Count Thurston Trueblood. He is a malovelant vampire and will not actually drink blood from a live human host. Instead he nurses blood from the steam punk perpetual heart he carries around. Thurston deems himself as quite the ladys man and the ladys do see him as kind of a sex object. He was fun to make and was created from papier mache and paper clay.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Mexican Dip Recipe

Don't forget to buy some chips. And again stop and take out a loan at the bank before shopping. It makes a huge amount so you can halfen it if you wish. After you make it I would advise reviewing the recipe one last time as it has so much in it I had realized I had forgotten the cheese.