Sunday, April 28, 2013

Jack Gourdans

SOLD- Thank you Debbie in Long Beach, California!
I just listed this Jack O lantern Pumpkin character on ETSY. He is sweet and vintage looking. Holds a sucker in his hand. He is a one of a kind. If your interested in purchasing Jack you can check him out on MY ETSY. Thanks for looking. 

Vinnie Barkarino

Vinnie Barkarino is a one of a kind Folk Art Steam punk Daschund Dog ornament. I just listed him on Etsy. He was sure fun to make. You can find more out about Vinnie by clicking on Etsy link below or to the side of this blog. 
If your interested in purchasing Vinnie or just looking at some more pictures you can check him out on MY ETSY

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Billy Swinely


                                                                        Billy Swinely
Just put this guy up for sale on Etsy. He could be displayed any time of the year. 

Billy is addicted to sweets. Every time you see him he is gorging himself with sugary sweets. He doesn't mind though because when your a pig being fat is not a bad thing. He is very proud of his big buns. 
Billy measures  4 " tall by 2" across with a 1 1/2" depth.
 Billy would look sweet hanging from a tree or in a vignette with your other treasures. He could also be fitted in a shadow box bearing the dimensions of the shelves. 

If you are interested in purchasing Billy you can check him out on  MY ETSY

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Ms. Lydia Oinkers


    Lydia is such a happy girl. She is a flying pig and verifies that their is one variety of pigs that truly do fly. She struts around in the sky enjoying her view of the world. Lydia comes from fine stock of the Oinker family noted for their rotund size, flying ability and fat cheeks in the swine community.If your interested in purchasing Lydia or just looking at more pictures you can check Ms. Lydia out on MY ETSY  

Ms. Catrina Meowens

Ms Catrina Meowens listed on MY ETSY 
Catrina is a flying cat. She was orphaned at birth due to the unusual wing protrusions coming from both sides of her body. Fortunately Catrina was adopted by the Meowens family. They adored Catrina and viewed her affliction as an asset. She was trained to deliver packages for the family business.  
Catrina measures  4 1/4" tall by  3  " across. You could use her as an ornament or displayed amongst other objects for an interesting vignette.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Pumpkin Man and Bat Halloween Ornies

Hello! Just finished these guys today. Sweet little jack o lantern pumpkin man and Bat ornaments. If your interested in purchasing these guys or just looking at some more pictures you can check it out on MY ETSY.