Saturday, August 15, 2015

Precious a Halloween pug girl primitive folk art creation from Penny Grotz

Precious the pug is all set for Halloween. She is accompanied by her pet bat. She was created from muslin, hand painted and adorned with lots of detail. If you would like to purchase Precious or just learn more about her you can check her out on PENNYS ETSY

Thursday, August 13, 2015

I was recently asked to share about an artist that inspired my work.  Several years ago I became mesmerized by the work of Jack Johnston. He had numerous publications in several doll magazines. I ended up taking  a sculpting class from Jack when he was in Wichita Kansas. Jack’s ability to capture emotion and history in his work astounded me. As the years passed my interest from realism took the a path in a folk art direction and creating more whimsical characters. I love animals and the holidays so they are a natural subject of much of my art. I like to repurpose found objects. Incorporating my creations with my old containers is very rewarding. 
   There are so many artists today who’s work I love and inspire my creations. I absolutely adore Jo Sonja Jansens folk art paintings. I bought a book of hers that was very helpful in my artistic endeavors. I dabble in many mediums and often wonder if I should try and stick to just one or a couple. I don’t think its possible as I just love the textures, colors and designs of fabric and the challenges of clay. Turning Natures gift of a gourd into a Santa Claus.  The challenges of evoking emotion and animation in humble objects is exciting and rewarding.  
   I must say a bit about art education. Creating forces the mind to think. Math is often used in art whether its calculating necessary amounts of fabric, deciphering the length of the body or using geometric shapes in design. When you make a mistake in your project it rewards you with more knowledge. Art teaches patience and how to be resourceful in making what you have available.  
    To name a few other artists  that have inspired my work are David Everett, Tammy Strum, Jorge De Rojas, Pam Gracia, Robert Eberez, Scott Smith, Sheila Bentley, Dustin Pouche, LeeAnn Kress, Laurie Hardin, Wylan and the list goes on. I am crazy in love with Patience Brewsters work. Her Christmas ornaments  are so beautifully detailed and make wonderful gifts. You can also check out her blog for the sweetest characters to decorate your home.  Thank you for your interest in my art. Penny

Hildegarde a primitive one of a kind Halloween witch doll


Hildegarde was created from muslin, hand painted and mounted permantly on a wooden doll stand. She is 17" tall. If you would like to learn more about Hildy you can check her out on PENNYS ETSY

Monday, August 10, 2015

Primitive pumpkin artist doll soft sculpture from Penny Grotz

Cordelia was created from fabrics, wood, and little treasures. She is available in my shop. If you would like to learn more about Cordelia you can check her out on PENNYS ETSY

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Ava a vintage style folk art dog artist soft sculpture from FOLK ART BY PENNY

Ava was created from muslin, stuffed and jointed in head and extremities. A little cat pull toy I made accompany Ava. If your interested in finding out more about Ava you can check her out in PENNYS ETSY