Sunday, March 25, 2012

Thurston Youngblood


Count Thurston Youngblood

Thurston is a one of a kind, Original Folk Art Halloween Candy container created by me Penny Grotz. He can store wrapped candy's or other items. Below is the story of this mesmerizing dude. 

Thurston Youngblood is a Dracula, Vampire, Dracule whatever you choose to call him. Thurston is a clever one. On halloween night he tempts children into his lair by sitting in a candy dish. The kids are lured into his diabolical scheme and when they reach in for candy Thurston bites them on the neck and sucks their blood. However Thurston does not harm the children other than a minor bite on the neck. With a little antibiotic ointment and a band aid it should heal up quite nicely. As with most vampire, Thurston fancies himself as quite the ladies man. 
Thurston was created from Paper Mache and paper clay. His base is painted with a Halloween scene of a cemetery, skeleton, jack o lanterns or pumpkins. man in the moon, bats and a cat. 
Thurston measures 8 1/2 " tall by 3 1/2 " across. 
Thurston has been faux antiqued with washes of umber. Several coats of polyurethane were applied for protection. He will come artist signed and dated with a 1/1 indicating he is a one of a kind and will not be recreated. If your interested in purchasing Thurston you can find him on my ETSY


Connie said...

Your Dracula is a cutie. Girls will be lining up to be bit. LOL Connie

Liz Revit said...

Thurston is adorable. I love all the details!

Penny Grotz Streit said...

Connie, Now thats funny! Thanks for your comment. Penny

Penny Grotz Streit said...

Liz, Thanks for your comment. They are precious to me. Hugs. Penny