Sunday, August 19, 2012

Myrtle Spellman A Lovely Witch

Myrtle is a one of a kind folk art piece hand sculpted, painted and created by me. She has a hang tag of a cat and a jack o lantern pumpkin guy I made hanging on a wire around the jar. She has a glitzy hat band embellished with a black and orange rose and two hat pins. One is a skeleton head and the other hat pin is a pumpkin.

Myrtle is an exception in the local witch society. She is shunned by the local crones for her beautiful face and the great pride she takes in her appearance. If you look closely you can see she enhances her beauty with some rouge and lipstick. It is said she is half human and half witch. You can tell she has witch blood in her veins by the wart on her chin. 
Myrtle will arouse many senses in the viewer with all her textures, colors and glitzy detail. Myrtle boasts a quote around the entire bottom of the jar which states "Double, double toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble". 

Myrtle was created in colors of burnt orange, black and antique white. 
She measures 10 1/2 " tall by 3 " across. Myrtle will come artist signed and dated with a 1/1 indicating she is a one of a kind and will not be recreated. She has been faux antiqued with a umber wash.

IDEAS: As pictured. You could place candy in her or other treasures. However you wish to present her, she is sure to be a hit at celebrations. this art piece would be delightful sitting upon your desk in waiting to offer your family or clients a morsel of candy. If your interested in  purchasing Myrtle or just looking at some more pictures of her, you can check her out on my ETSY


Liz Revit said...

Penny, I love all the details you've put into your new creation. She's lovely.

Penny Grotz Streit said...

Thanks Liz! Your feedback is awesome to me! Penny

Annette T. said...

Penny, just found your site and your creations are beauitful. I too am a decorative artist and I love your faces. You have a beauitful hand when creating these precious pieces.

Penny Grotz Streit said...

Annette, Thank you for your feedback! I love it.I will visit your site and see your work. Hugs. Penny