Saturday, June 20, 2015

Oscar Purkins a sweet Halloween candy container from FOLK ART BY PENNY

Mr. Oscar Purkins
Oscar is a one of a kind folk art candy container creation. I sculpted the bust and the bottom is a purchased vintage metal sugar bowl. One one side I painted a witch. On the other i painted a jack o lantern. you can face oscar with either side showing. If your interested in finding out more about Oscar you can check him out on


Leanne E said...

He is adorable!!! If he was a little black and white terrier, I KNOW I couldn't resist. I am sure he will find a great home :)

Penny said...

Hi Leanne! Thanks for your comment. I need to get your ornie done. would you prefer him to look more like a terrier? and what kind of terrier? Have a great day. Penny